What, you ask, is Club Casbah? Glad you asked! Club Casbah is a series of ongoing events presented by Buffalo’s Dynamic Bellydance Duo, Darkly Sparkly. These special engagements showcase wonderful World music and dance artists, including shows, fire performances, classes, drumming, you name it, if it’s interesting to the world of Bellydancers, we might just make it into a Club Casbah!


We had the honor of hosting Belladonna Boheme last June for a Bohemian Blade Intensive weekend… three solid days of dancing with Swords!



In 2015 and 14, We held Club Casbah at Riverfest Park along the gorgeous Buffalo Waterfront. Both shows were sponsored by a generous grant offered by ASIWNY. We had drum circles, mini dancing lessons, shows featuring international performers and even a few of Maia’s friends from PYROMANCY made an appearance!

In 2013, Club Casbah was inaugurated as the official CD Release party for Jim Boz’s newest album “The Viper Pit”. There was lazers, fog machines, and LOTS and LOTS of dancing. LOTS. 🙂

Stay Tuned to this page to see what the DS girls are up to next for Club Casbah!

Please note:

Our evens have strict NO REFUNDS policy.
You may transfer (resell) your tickets to someone else ( if you do so, notify us so we can change the name on the registration. Otherwise they will not get in!). 
The only exception to the NO REFUNDS policy is cancellation by Darkly Sparkly. Which ain’t gonna happen, we’re too excited! See you there!


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